As the a cover, she watched a beneficial girl which she asked in the event that she you may is this new hairpin in her own lovely direct

Tian Qi forgot for a moment one she is supposed to getting a great boy when she saw an enthusiastic arrow out of jewelry. She noticed a gorgeous hairpin.

Ji Heng are very surprised and even more surprised if the bookseller mentioned that their primary customers are Standard Ji. Then he presented all of them an excellent poster away from a tremendously swarthy General Ji, that has been photoshopped.

Ji Zheng somewhat cherished their unique also

Tian He hired a space along with four lovely ladies to help you serve all of them. She caused it to be como se casar com uma mulher nГіrdicos appeared as if she is actually a routine.

Yet not therefore distressed enough since the he offered a totally free pass to help you Tian Qi, which required she can come and go from inside the Residence Ji.

Tian Qi is actually impression this new kindness and complete gorgeousness of Ji Heng if you’re she spotted him bed. However, she advised herself you to she can not be in love because she’s a purpose in order to avenge their particular parents.

The guy wished to share with Ji Heng one Tian Qi was really feminine but Tian Qi could get kicked off Residence Ji, he loves her excessively for that.

Whenever Tian Qi come proclaiming that he was really boy, Ji Zheng mentioned that he would view it getting himself.

Ru Yi, Ji Heng and Ji Zheng’s nephew concerned remain at Residence Ji. In some way, the young boy affixed themselves in order to Tian Qi along with started calling their own ‘mom’.

Madam Ji, Ji Heng’s mother got get back from the forehead and her assistant, this new commander away from Mansion Ji, Chen Wu Yong.

Thinking that Ji Heng still are convinced that she was either gay otherwise an effective girl, Tian Qi pulled your in order to a text cart where she went on to look at porno

Dr Ding and you may Tian Qi noticed the new commander purchasing a maid getting provided fifty lashes to possess maybe not keeping the brand new clean status out of their apartment within mansion.

Chun Hua spotted Tian Qi and you can Dr Ding. She cautioned them not to ever go into this new bad side of Mr Chen. She along with said to Tian Qi one the moment she saw Mr Chen once again, she out of the blue remembered it was him who was simply putting on this new Buddha jade bracelet one Tian Qi are inquiring on.

Nothing Ru Yi try telling Madam Ji how much cash she wants Tian Qi. Madam Ji got interested in learning the doctor just who was attractive to anyone and in order to her very own son, Ji Heng.

Meanwhile, Tian Qi went to find Mr Chen having a tiny breasts of jade treasures including the reddish bead jade Buddha bracelet because an offering.

Mr Chen asserted that the guy familiar with have it and had given it so you can anybody else. He was shocked to have it again.

He hired the new housemaid of your former concubine to share with Madam Ji that Tian Qi is known for getting good jinx and the earlier which they clean out their the better.

She got together having Ji Heng and you will Ji Zheng to possess an effective greet domestic food. It turned out you to definitely Ji Heng try her child but Ji Zheng is actually the brand new son from a concubine.

Madam Ji had a give to the death of the young concubine. She pushed the newest girl to drink poison. She upcoming had drawn Ji Zheng because her own son.

Knowing that she cannot force them in that topic, she already been advising Ji Zheng one to she heard much regarding Tian Qi away from Ruyi. She asserted that it would be an excellent if Ji Zheng you’ll allow the doc so you’re able to their own so Tian Qi you can expect to look after their own, since she try getting older. This will be also ideal for Ru Yi who had pulled a preference for the younger doctor.

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